Monday, 31 December 2012

Glitter gradiant nails

Here are some christmassy nails i did for the festive season. I used fuji by essie as a base colour and then used one of my favourite glitter polishes rose quartez from barry m and just built it up on the edge of my nail and graduated It further up my nail. I also, as usual, used my boots 200 nails . I love how this turned out. Its a perfect snowflake christmassy set. The day after I did these I went to work dressed as an angel so theyworked perfectly. Did you do any festive nail art? I would love some inspiration for nect year.

Hope you all had a good christmas x

Monday, 17 December 2012

Just a little note x

Just to say I have added 3 links to my pinterest,bloglovin & instergram. :) x

Wedding hair - done by me

I thought I would share a few photos of some bridal hair I did back in October. This lady wanted a really soft updo to create a slightly vintage feel to her day. She had ALOT of hair so it was a struggle to try and get it all up especially when it's so difficult to make dark hair look detailed. I really enjoyed doing the hair up as she is one of my regular clients and I felt at ease. Jane was kind enough to drop some photos off in the salon with a thankyou note so I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to share these photos with you. If you would like some hair up tutorials please ask. I hope you like these photos as much as I do! 

Christmas haul!


So it's nearly Christmas and it's getting very exciting. I went a little bit crazy when only going out to buy face wipes!

1. Three plug in air fresheners
2.  Four festive smelling candles
3. A pair of cotton tights
4. Makeup bag
5. Chunky black belt
6. Gold glittery bag
7. Four festive nail polishes
8. Knickers
9. Perfect match foundation
10. Rimmel Bronzer
11. Broges 
12. Wooly hat
13. Ox blood maxi skirt
14. Pajama Trousers
15. Bed head shampoo and conditioner

Everything on this haul was either bought from B&M bargains or from Primark. I will do a more detailed in depth review/post on favourite scents and christmas hauls. Hope you're enjoying your christmas and spending lots of monies! 

Sunday, 16 December 2012

pastel orange nails!

Pastel orange nails
I did these nails at the start of the week for everyday work. I use boots (200 false nails) and re-do them every week or if i'm going out at the weekend i will do them to suit my outfit. I thought this was a nice simple design that would brighten up my day to day black/white/grey uniform.

Essie Nail Polish Tart Deco
 I used Tart deco by Essie. I have never been a huge fan of Essie, i think maybe, because of all the hype that was created over them I was bound to be disappointed when using the product. It was a lot better than a few of my previous purchases from them as it only took two thin coats to create a opaque affect. The thing that won me over was the colour. it is so beautiful a really soft pastel orange. Its a nice bright colour without being garish. The nail polish lasted unchipped for around 5 days. As a hairdresser im constantly working with wet hair and oily products which make my nails weaker and more prone to chip. so i was impressed they lasted this long as other Essie polishes have peeled off after a small chip!

Jewel Glitter Nail Paint – Rose Quartz
On my ring finger i chose rose quarts by Barry M. I absolutely love this colour. i think it is beautiful. It is a very pale lilac with chunks and small pieces of a pale pink glitter in. The only criticism i have for this product is what i have with every Barry M nail paint is the brushes. i have quite big nail beds and like a fatter brush to apply the polish and its difficult to create an even finish with the glitter as they tend to all cluster together. over all i think this product is brilliant it doesn't chip and unlike most glitter polishes it is quite easy to remove. 

I think the nails look pretty and casual for a week a work. perhaps too summery for this time of year but i enjoy them!