Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Rebel by Mac review

REBEL by MAC review

I purchased this lipstick first time round about 2 years ago from Harrods in London. i was hoping to find a lipstick that was dark that didn't have a really dull burgundy colour with a brown undertone but with it but more so a darker  pinky/purple as i am a cooler skin tone ,suiting the more purple/blue based colours so, when i found this i was so happy. its such a perfect colour.

the colour could be described as a dark berry purple with a Little bit of a red tone with it. as it wears off it leaves a slightly lighter pink stain. Its definitely opaque and is very long lasting.
Rebel is a Satin finish which is a really moisturizing creamy texture but still leaving that heavy almost semi matte illusion. its a very bold lipstick with a beautiful long lasting finish and doesn't leave the lips feeling dry! I've tried this lipstick on with dark smokey eyes and with just winged eye liner so it very wearable. only thing i found was if my blusher was too bright it really was way too much so I normally use a tinted moisturizer and a little bronzer .
easy to wear
Long wearing
beautiful colour
Only problem is that it does transfer onto cups!

these photos i believe show the lipstick slightly lighter than it actually is as cameras do not pic up purple very well.


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  2. thats a great colour on you, I am now following your blog, you are super pretty! :)


  3. Love this post, the colour really suits you but I doubt I could pull it off!
    It's true though that once you find a mac lipstick that you love, it's never off your lips ha x x

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  5. This really suits you! You look lovely in that last pic :)

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