Sunday, 16 December 2012

pastel orange nails!

Pastel orange nails
I did these nails at the start of the week for everyday work. I use boots (200 false nails) and re-do them every week or if i'm going out at the weekend i will do them to suit my outfit. I thought this was a nice simple design that would brighten up my day to day black/white/grey uniform.

Essie Nail Polish Tart Deco
 I used Tart deco by Essie. I have never been a huge fan of Essie, i think maybe, because of all the hype that was created over them I was bound to be disappointed when using the product. It was a lot better than a few of my previous purchases from them as it only took two thin coats to create a opaque affect. The thing that won me over was the colour. it is so beautiful a really soft pastel orange. Its a nice bright colour without being garish. The nail polish lasted unchipped for around 5 days. As a hairdresser im constantly working with wet hair and oily products which make my nails weaker and more prone to chip. so i was impressed they lasted this long as other Essie polishes have peeled off after a small chip!

Jewel Glitter Nail Paint – Rose Quartz
On my ring finger i chose rose quarts by Barry M. I absolutely love this colour. i think it is beautiful. It is a very pale lilac with chunks and small pieces of a pale pink glitter in. The only criticism i have for this product is what i have with every Barry M nail paint is the brushes. i have quite big nail beds and like a fatter brush to apply the polish and its difficult to create an even finish with the glitter as they tend to all cluster together. over all i think this product is brilliant it doesn't chip and unlike most glitter polishes it is quite easy to remove. 

I think the nails look pretty and casual for a week a work. perhaps too summery for this time of year but i enjoy them! 

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  1. wow i love this shade :) & thanks for the comment xx