Monday, 17 December 2012

Christmas haul!


So it's nearly Christmas and it's getting very exciting. I went a little bit crazy when only going out to buy face wipes!

1. Three plug in air fresheners
2.  Four festive smelling candles
3. A pair of cotton tights
4. Makeup bag
5. Chunky black belt
6. Gold glittery bag
7. Four festive nail polishes
8. Knickers
9. Perfect match foundation
10. Rimmel Bronzer
11. Broges 
12. Wooly hat
13. Ox blood maxi skirt
14. Pajama Trousers
15. Bed head shampoo and conditioner

Everything on this haul was either bought from B&M bargains or from Primark. I will do a more detailed in depth review/post on favourite scents and christmas hauls. Hope you're enjoying your christmas and spending lots of monies! 

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